Gun Cleaning Basics

Gun Cleaning kit Basics

If you own some expensive firearms then you probably don't want them to get dirty. Over the past few years we have been teaching classes to gun owners that want to learn how to keep their guns clean.

It's not that expensive or hard to take care of your guns. If you think that throwing them in a gun safe will protect them then you are mistaken.

Your guns have to be treated with care and have to be taken out once in a while for a full clean with the best gun cleaning kit  you can afford. There's no point of buying a crappy gun cleaning kit and there's no point in cleaning your guns half assed. 

In our workshops we go over the basics of gun cleaning and the kit. We've taught old ladies how to clean guns in under an hour and there's nothing too difficult about it once you're familiar with all the tools, anyone can do it. 

Using the best gun cleaning solvent is always what we advise others to do. A lot of people want to spend the minimum when they are buying their gun cleaning supplies but gun cleaning solvent is cheap, even for the best ones. The one most important aspect to gun cleaning is using gun cleaning solvent. 

The gun cleaning solvent is the butter to the bread and needs to be used often to keep your machine running smoothly. It's not that hard to do but most people fail to realize that the cleaning solvent is very important

The second thing that people often overlook is how often to clean their guns? Some say to clean after you fire x amount of rounds or after you fire one round.

While there is no answer because each gun is different, you should learn from experience. We don't tell out students to clean a gun every x days or every y rounds but to play it by ear and use your experience. 

Using the best gun cleaning rod is always mandatory. The problem with the majority of gun cleaning kits is having crappy cleaning rods. They make cleaning rods with 7 pieces and can easily bend or break once you assemble them. If you want to protect your barrel then you need a good carbon fiber cleaning rod, generally a one piece cleaning rod. 

When using a universal gun cleaning kit you'll find that they don't come with good cleaning rods. A good cleaning rod is probably the best thing you can buy on its own because they are so wonderful. The cleaning rod is used with all your brushes and jags, so you want it to hold up for a while.

People often don't think about gun cleaning mats when they're cleaning. We provide all our students with the Best Gun Cleaning Mat in order to get them used to cleaning on a good surface. The cleanings solvents can leak through a lot of materials and become a pain to clean up. Also, you are wasting cleaning solvent that soak through different fabrics. 

Use a gun cleaning mat that doesn't absorb liquid. 


There's much more to this if you want to maintain your firearms but this is just a teaser. We want you keep your firearms clean and learn all you can about gun cleaning kits and gun cleaning supplies. If you had a good time learning then you should check out our site. You'll learn about gun vises, cleaning centers, carbon removal tools and just about everything else you ever wanted to know about keeping your gun is perfect working order. 



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